This is an RM2k game made by DarkPriest at the GamingW (now SaltW) forums many eons ago. I decided to reupload for some Christmas fun.

The goal is to collect as many goodies as you can and complete all of the races. You can press space bar to jump over obstacles, and just run over the good items to collect them. Each time you run into an obstacle, you lose an item.

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AuthorSome person
Made withEasyRPG
TagsChristmas, Retro, RPG Maker


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I liked the little Homer cameo hehe 😄 I thought I was going crazy when his sprite disappeared. 😳 Cute short minigame with nice music! ❤️Too hard for me though lol. Merry Christmas! ⛄️  🎄😊Here’s some cookies for you. 🍪 🍪🥛